International BS Blog goes to the movies

Anyone home tonight (Friday , October 17), might want to check out a documentary film on SBS titled End of the Rainbow. The film, made by an Australian team, follows an (unnamed) Australian mining firm who move their operations from Borneo to Africa.

Image from Film

The film highlights the enormous impact such projects have on the local people, with the relocation of villages, the privatising of land, the employment of some locals, the imposition of security measures, the environmental impact etc. Here is a trailer.

I saw this film at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It is beautifully shot, includes some intriguing characters (and great music), and hints at some highly relevant questions. There are some frustrating elements too. In trying to showcase the universal dimensions of such huge changes to lifestyle, the film deliberately keeps the corporation faceless and their agenda unspoken. As such, we gain too little insight into the motivations for being in this location, or the arrangements they have with government etc.

Nevertheless, it is well worth a look. Also, if want to know about how it was made, the film-maker’s experience and his interpretation of the work, you can hear an interview with him here.


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