2008 in review

As we tick over into 2009, I thought it’d be worth having a look at what 2008 meant for the International BS Blog. 

The site made its WordPress public debut in early November, having lived inside our University’s intranet for a few months as a subject Blog.  Since the public debut the site has had almost 3000 visits.  These were the most popular posts (in terms of visits):

Single-minded business to a T looking at Melbourne t-shirt retailer T-Bar;

Chasing synergies in a downturn exploring the M&A dramas of several large multinationals;

As simple as ABC? examining the failure of Australia’s largest childcare provider;

Talking to the Umbrella-seller-fella (Part 1) where I chatted with a student about his successful business, and;

A car (industry) in search of direction? looking at the $6b+ inducements to keep the Australian motor industry going.

The most popular in terms of visits per day was Revenge of the Rock Band which looked at the shifting dynamics in the music industry.

The least visited:

International BS Blog goes to the movies about a documentary;

That sinking feeling looking at the plummeting Aussie Dollar;

A trade redemption song? discussing trade deals in the Caribbean, and;

More on income elasticity – wanna buy a Bentley?  exploring the decline in high-end car sales.

It would seem you guys prefer the international business stuff to the international economy discussions.

Speaking of discussions, A car (industry) in search of direction?  had the most comments.  I haven’t counted them all, but I suspect my cousin Steve is the most frequent commenter.

Top search terms to get here: “books”, “eddie van halen” (!!), and “trade barriers”.

Most dugg (but only twice): Network externalities & electric cars.

Most clickthroughs: the rather irksome alphainventions.com site.

What’s to come in 2009?  More strategy posts, more company analyses, some book reviews, maybe some product diversification (I’m thinking about a more research-focussed parallel blog) and hopefully loads of interaction with you International BS Blog readers.

Happy New Year all!


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