Scattergun Target expansion

You may recall my discussion in January of the nifty Wal-Mart expansion graphic at Flowing Data.

Well, they’ve delivered another one. This time it’s fellow US big-box discount retailer Target under the microscope. Click on the pic below for the animated graphic thingie.


The big insight from this new map is that Target did not adopt the oil-slick style growth we saw with Wal-Mart. The expansion here is much more opportunistic, as they jumped back and forth across the nation.

It took the firm considerable time for them to fill in a lot of gaps. It does raise questions about their scope to build sufficient economies of density.

Target is not an international retailer, so this is their entire growth story. For any Australians scratching their head, our Target is a rather ancient logo licensing arrangement (i.e there is no relationship between Wesfarmers and the US firm).

Let’s hope the next firm to get the Flowing Data treatment shows some international expansion.


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4 Responses to “Scattergun Target expansion”

  1. Steve Sammartino Says:

    like the erm ‘Economies of density’ that’s what we need at

    Clusters of people is way more important than total numbers.


  2. bullseyelv Says:

    Any suggestions or ideas?? Maybe a service you wish Target had??

  3. Fawlwheerie Says:


  4. Haigwood Says:

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