Agassi talks up a Better Place

You may remember my earlier posts on the Better Place electric car scheme (1, 2, & 3). Well, now that WordPress allow us bloggers to insert videos from TED easily, I thought I’d share an 18 min vid presentation from Better Place founder Shai Agassi:

He does a great job of outlining the economics of his model, and addresses some of the typical objections to this idea. He continues to highlight the linkages needed (between his firm, auto manufacturers, techologists, governments etc.). Let’s hope (for his sake, and perhaps ours) these cooperative endeavours continue.

And he mentions Australia…


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2 Responses to “Agassi talks up a Better Place”

  1. lovelyauer Says:

    Thanks, Andre, for leaving your digital footprint on my virtual sand.

    Read your trail of coverage of Better Place and the future of electric cars. Great read!

    Thanks for your interest and kind comment.

    Have a great day. Take care

  2. UC Berkley economist analyzes “Electric Cars in the United States” | Says:

    […] Wait a minute, now. Leasing cars already exists. In that light, there really is not much to see here in this Berkley study — unless of course there is the expectation of government subsidization. Crony capitalists, be proud! […]

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