Some gratuitous self promotion

I don’t use this blog enough to promote my research output.  So I thought I’d draw your attention to a book chapter/paper that recently hit the streets:

Elizabeth Maitland & Andre Sammartino (2009) ‘Subsidiaries in Motion: Assessing the impact of sunk vs. flexible assets‘, Advances in International Management, Volume 22,pp.55–83

In good old academic jargon, we claim to be tackle the following:

“…an unresolved theoretical issue in international business: the impact of existing,committed assets in a host location on parent and subsidiary decisions regarding the configuration of future value-adding activities for the location.”

Sink Plug self promotionThe paper adapts a framework proposed in the strategic management domain (by Ghemawat and Del Sol (1998)) to explicitly incorporate location issues.  This allows us to explore the level of commitment (or locked-in-ness) a firm has to operating in a particular location.  We believe this is an important addition to current IB theory which says a lot about entry and too little about reconfiguration.

We are currently working on a more manager-friendly take on this story, rich in examples and toolkit elements.  I’ll make sure to trumpet its arrival on your local newstand if and when that occurs.


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One Response to “Some gratuitous self promotion”

  1. Gervy Says:

    That paper sounds like a bucketload of fun. x

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