Taking charge in a new electric world

As I said last week, a big strategic challenge for any business is recognising shifts in the external environment which may represent threats or opportunities to existing sources of income.

One clearly declining ‘product’ in the face of technological change (i.e. the rise of mobile phones) has been the public phonebox.

It’s very cool to see a telecoms company thiking laterally about this costly legacy infrastructure. Telekom Austria has started converting some of their phoneboxes into recharge stations for electric vehicles.

How clever to tap into a hot trend early. Phoneboxes are likely to be in high-traffic areas, are hard for NIMBY residents to object to (given they boxes are already in situ), and may well have some of the power infrastructure (they are lit at least).

While I have little-to-no faith in Aussie equivalent Telstra being so proactive, this does strike me as an example Better Place should be looking at.

What other public infrastructure could be adapted to better/greener use?

h/t: Springwise


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One Response to “Taking charge in a new electric world”

  1. Ben Says:

    Well I think another good example is how our public roads (in the CBD) have had the super tram stops built in them. I know the businesses around them complain that it reduces car parking spots and that it slows down traffic, but I think the first point is invalid and the second is a benefit.

    If the business has a super stop in front of their business, then instead of may 2 car spots they may lose, they now gain X additional people every few minutes who now catch trams because it’s more accessible.

    And I’d rather that car traffic is slowed down because we’ve enabled higher capacity and greener transport links within the CBD (ie trams) than some congestion tax or arbitary narrowing/blocking of the roads which only irritate car drivers and don’t provide an alternative.

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