A Gap in local knowledge?

A buddy brought this international business blunder to my attention via his blog – the “welcome” on The Gap’s local website  announcing their launch into Australia:

You’ve (hopefully) noted the erroneous placement of the signage – Melbourne’s ‘landmarks’ (such as they are) have been confused with Sydney’s.

This is a somewhat amusing example of a liability of foreignness, in that presumably the firm has utilised some offshore graphic artist (whether they be within the firm or outsourced) to compose the otherwise quite funky greeting. But a little local proofreading can’t be that hard.

The clock is ticking to see how long before they pick up on their error (it was first spotted on Oct 27, and I’m posting on November 4, 2010).

h/t: Andy Healy


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3 Responses to “A Gap in local knowledge?”

  1. russm Says:

    perhaps the artist just loves melbourne? that’s the melbourne (not sydney) luna park on the left, and flinders street station too…

  2. Andre Sammartino Says:

    Indeed Russ, The more I look at it the more I agree with your observations – that Stadium on the left could be the Melbourne Cricket Ground also… beyond the Syndey Opera House and Centrepoint tower/spire, there isn’t much from our Northern neighbour at all…

  3. Cameron Manderson Says:

    The melbourne store opened first, so it was first on the left side, then sydney opened, which added to the other side. 🙂 Interesting discussion!

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