I bet Bernie would like to work for Apple instead

The boss of Aussie department store Myer, Mr Bernie Brookes, was asked yesterday about increasing harmonisation of product prices across countries (presumed to be a response by suppliers and retailers to the exodus of customers to online commerce).

He said (with a delightfully Aussie oratory flourish):

“If you don’t do it the customer leaves you en masse. It is Darwinian shit: if you don’t do it you are not going to sell it.”

Damn the perils of actual international competition.  I bet he wishes he was in Apple’s big boots on this, as they seem very capable of selling the exact same song/app etc on iTunes for considerably different prices from market-to-market. See this link for a nice bit of comparative work – Aussies really get screwed.  I guess we’re the Easter Island of Darwinian natural selection.


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5 Responses to “I bet Bernie would like to work for Apple instead”

  1. Ben Lawless Says:

    Shouldn’t that macstories article take purchasing power parity into consideration? $1US does not buy the same thing in two different countries, irregardless [sic] of the product. Why would iTunes be any different? I’m not denying that there would still be a disparity, but perhaps the country rankings would be different.

  2. Tom Osegowitsch Says:

    …although (some) Australians have found a way to adapt…to survive in this “hostile environment”: there is a very active market in US iTunes cards on eBay.

  3. Andy Says:

    Well, here in Australia we’ve always been paying more for Apple products, even the hardware like iphones.

  4. Unrelenting Tedium Says:

    Although this is not quite on your topic, I enjoyed this article very much:

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