Aussie Women in the Global Arena – Our New Report (Part Two)

As I mentioned yesterday, our latest Women in Global Business Report has hit the streets. It’s chock full of findings about the progress and experiences of Aussie businesswomen in the international arena, and they ongoing hurdles they face.

cover shot 2015 WIGB reportWhile my earlier post focused on female Aussie entrepreneurs, the report also offers insights into the experiences of Australian women playing major roles as senior employees with strategic responsibilities in international businesses.

Just over a quarter of these respondents are members of the C-suite within their organisation. These women are younger (only 18% were 50+), and even more highly educated (90% hold a bachelor degree or higher) than the owner‐operators.

Their organisations tend to be much larger – 43% have 500+ employees – and are older and more experienced overseas.

We contend that some of these women may become the next generation of Australian international entrepreneurs, as they are currently building the sets of requisite skills for such transitions. Their rise within organisations also reflects the welcome growing presence of senior women in corporate Australia.

Read more here.

Tomorrow, I profile the rise of China, and also the hurdles Aussie businesswomen still face when internationalising.


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