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Is this a significant cultural difference?

August 22, 2008

Here is an old advertisement from HSBC (Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation – a bank formerly headquartered in Hong Kong, now officially British), that highlights a cultural difference between the British and Chinese (please watch it all the way – it is actually in English).

I asked my students to comment on this video (as to its accuracy, relevance etc), especially as we have a considerable number of students of Chinese background. Here are some of the comments:

“…it is a Chinese custom, although it has slowly been changing (but this highlights the importance of getting up-to-date cultural information!).”

“…the people in the advertisment have more dramatic expressions and the food should be even better than that”

“from a Chinese perspective, eating up everything in your plate means you may want more… So, people always leave a little in their plate, especially when dinning out. However, as some students memtioned above, it is changing…maybe because of globalization?

But I find it interesting that our neigbours – Japan and Korea, have the custom of eating up everything in the plates to be polite, which is similar to the western one.”

By the way, there are least three other videos in this series: