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Aussie Women in the Global Arena – Our New Report (Part Four!)

June 26, 2015

But wait, there’s more…

I had said the earlier post was the final part of the Women in Global Business trilogy, but, like George Lucas, I couldn’t help myself.

I realised I hadn’t highlighted our findings about Australian businesswomen’s motivations to internationalise.

The most common motivation (56% of owner-operators, 62% of women employed in strategic roles) for internationalisation was the proactive pursuit of new markets. The next most frequent triggers were reactive: responding to approaches from foreign clients, following key customers and other unexpected opportunities.

Owner-operators were considerably more likely to be reactive than their more proactive employed counterparts. We argue this suggests a greater proactivity and confidence among Australia’s female entrepreneurs may come from the facilitation of better international networks for Australia’s aspiring global entrepreneurs, with government agencies a key avenue.

Organisational motivations for internationalisation (2015)

To read more about these motivations, see page 33 of our second WIGB report.