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Give that they may brew

February 10, 2009

As many of you may be aware, my home state of Victoria has been ravaged by some brutal fires in the past week which have killed hundreds and destroyed the livelihoods of thousands more. It is a truly tragic and heartbreaking state of affairs. Australians are being very generous with donations and efforts to help rebuild people’s lives. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight a particular instance of loss.

Hargreaves Hill beer fire ravaged donate pleaseOne young business devastated was a microbrewery dear to my heart at Hargreaves Hill just north of Melbourne. This business had recently expanded into a full-blown offsite brewing facility that has now been totally wiped out by the fire. Such growth was no doubt a very large financial risk and to see it destroyed must be heartbreaking.

The founder of the firm has been a leader of the microbrewing community in Victoria through his role as president of the Victorian Association of Microbrewers, and lobbied hard for more sensible taxation of these start-up businesses.

A Melbourne beer bar, The Local Taphouse, is running a fundraising effort to try and kickstart Hargreave’s recovery effort (as well contributing to the broader post-fire effort).

As any of my past students know, I am not a particularly generous fellow :), but I have handed over some cash to help them out and hope other beer (and small business)-lovers amongst you will do similar. More information at this blog.

Other agencies helping out in these difficult times, and also well worth donating to include the Red Cross and the RSPCA.

Please do not see this post as belittling or trivialising the losses of any others in these fires.  Rather this is an effort to target some small percentage of the generosity towards a particular entrepreneurial effort.